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Serverless Architecture Style

To discuss Serverless Architecture we need to understand how we got here. From using physical machines we moved to virtual machines (somewhere in between a few brave folks also used linux/solaris containers). The current trend is container technologies such as Docker or CoreOS RKT which allow even more efficient use of resources. Regardless of which you use, we are often required to plan our application infrastructure needs upfront and permanently keep the “servers” running.

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Virtualization – From Individual Desktops to Servers

There is a quiet but steady change going on in data centers and IT organizations around the world. Virtualized infrastructure. Underutilized single OS machines are now being re-targeted to run multiple operating systems and therefore scale horizontally thereby drastically reducing labor, hardware, OS & physical real estate costs in data centers. Add to that the overall reduction in lower energy costs and suddenly you have something really strong going on. Continue reading