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AWS Beanstalk (running Spring Boot jar) and Log aggregation with ElasticSearch & Filebeat

Most serious applications (and distributed microservices style architectures) will require to provide a log aggregation & analysis feature to its dev & operations teams. Reviewing log entires from 10s or 100s of server instances is not something to take lightly. Whether you choose to use a commercial product or an open source offering – that does not matter; just make sure you have one available.

Recently I have been deploying applications using AWS Beanstalk. You can definitely configure CloudWatch Logs to send log streams over to AWS ElasticSearch service. Log messages can be routed to a Lambda function which would break the log messages into individual attributes suitable for indexing. I wanted to try a slightly different route where I depend less on CloudWatch Logs and more on open source tools. Enter filebeat on Beanstalk.

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Running ElasticSearch in Production

(Updated version. Originally Published on: Nov 3, 2013) Here are some things to keep in mind as you go about designing your ElasticSearch cluster. Many of these are from real life experiences and IMO are the basic common sense items you should consider. In addition to these settings noted here, there maybe other settings that are relevant to your use case.

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Faceted search with ElasticSearch

I have been playing with ElasticSearch for a while now, both at work as well as personally. In recent discussions I came across a use case to perform faceted searches and figured this would be a good topic for a blog post. Lets explore by example how to implement faceted searches using both the older facet module as well as the newer aggregations module.

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Using Jest as a REST-based Java client with ElasticSearch

If you have used ElasticSearch (ES) you will be familiar with the two ways you can access the index – the RESTful HTTP API’s and the Java API which uses a binary protocol. What is missing is a pure RESTful HTTP Java Client API. Open source Jest library attempts to fill that gap. Updated July 2016 to use ElasticSearch 2.3.4 and Jest 2.0.0.

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Asynchronous Indexing into ElasticSearch using Spring Integration & ActiveMQ

Here is a slightly modified Architecture on my previous post on Getting Started With ElasticSearch. If you find yourself indexing content constantly (like 100s or even 1000s per minute) you might want to consider an asynchronous architecture towards indexing.

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Getting started with ElasticSearch

You must have surely heard the tag lines “Data is gold” or “Data is oil”! If not, then you heard it now. The notion is that with the right type and volume of data, you can pull out very valuable insights to help support your business/IT goals. This data might be coming from your own applications, log files, social media data, blogs, online news media, etc. Data is everywhere. And when you have that data, you want to search through it for intelligent information. That is where search engines come to the rescue. I will cover one such search engine – ElasticSearch.

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